Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The World In Your Mind

I just came back from Stuttgart, where i was invited by Michael Fragstein and Turan Tehrani from Buro Achter April  to take part in a lovely project, together with four other artists. The project, called 'The World In Your Mind', is a collaboration between Buro Achter April and writer Tobias Hülswitt. Tobias did a series of interviews, asking what the universe was to different people. One of the answers was interpreted into an animation piece, called Undercurrents, by Michael Fragstein last year. This year, they decided to pick five more answers and to invite five animation artists to interpret them in a 2 metre long piece of paper, that hung from the walls of the Strzelski Galerie  in Stuttgart. 

The other four artists were my good friend Magali Charrier from France, Ule Barcelos from Portugal and Berlin, Edwin Rostron from England, and Lorenzo Fonda from Italy. We had two days to draw our illustrations, which are on sale through the gallery. It was a beautiful experience we all shared, in that wonderful city, with such wonderful hosts.

Below you can see the full details of the exhibition as well as the wall pieces we created for it. Better pictures and a time lapse film will follow next week!

Ule Barcelos

Detail from Ule's drawing

Edwin, drawing

Magali, drawing

Detail from Magali's drawing

Lorenzo, contemplating 

Detail from my drawing

Detail from my drawing

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